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- Flexible.

- Affordable.

- Managed.



A special offer for CPAs and other Business Support Professionals.

If you are a CPA or other professional who assists growing businesses with accounting or computing services, we have a special offer just for you.  Experience a  dramatic new way to  do business that provides more efficient service to your customers while re-enforcing client loyalty and simultaneously increasing your profits.

Aprima IT™ assists smaller businesses with the increasing burden of managing Information Technology. Through innovative combinations of automated systems and hands-on support, we save our clients a great deal of money while providing higher levels of performance! Put simply, Aprima IT allows you to have a large company I.T. benefits on a small business budget.

A better Perspective™

Perspective is our state of the art monitoring and management platform. Perspective gives us a real-time view into the heath of your valuable I.T. assets, and allows proactive changes to be made to keep you running at peak efficiency.

01.01.2011 - Houston, TX
With a solid track record, and more than 16 years serving Houston area small businesses, we want to show you what makes Aprima IT remarkably different and demonstrably better than the way you currently manage information Technology!

01.01.2011 - Houston, TX
Internet threats are ever changing and constantly on the rise. Aprima IT offers a fully managed email filter that cleans up your inbox, reduces bandwidth use, and keeps SPAM and viruses out! Ask for a free demonstration of this amazing tool.

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